Meet our Massage Therapists

Kirsten Sage, D.C., L.Ac

Chiropractor and Founder of Sage Health, Dr. Kirsten Sage is a native Californian and graduate of San Francisco State University, where she studied Kinesiology and went on to earn her doctorate of Chiropractic at Life West College. She graduated from Life West Magna Cum Laude in 2000. She followed her dream of practicing in a beach community and moved to Encinitas to open her first practice with her husband, scientist and surfer, Carleton Sage.

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    Robert Rohlmeier, L.Ac.

    In addition to being a massage therapy teacher, Rob has been a master acupuncturist and massage therapist for over 25 years. Because of his insatiable curiosity for how life works, he continues to learn about new and different therapeutic modalities. There are so many variables involved in having a happy, fulfilling, and healthy life. On all levels, he feels maintaining good health resolves itself down to two core precepts: 1) enthusiastically express your creativity and 2) keep your vessels and channels open and flowing. Don’t repress, stifle, offend, block or overspend your creative juices and all will be well. This is why he loves acupuncture, massage and their associated modalities (like cupping and gua sha) so much.

    His treatment approach is to balance the root cause of his patient’s problem. He does this by finding underlying imbalances through the patient’s pulse, tongue diagnosis, and muscle testing. He also addresses the branch, which is the symptom that brings his patient in for a treatment. Through his gentle approach of using acupuncture, a vast number of conditions can be treated. Using his fabulous blend of modalities, information transfers through the body’s tissues and into the cells is where the magic of healing happens!

    • 1992 Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine The American Institute of Oriental Medicine
    • 1987 Massage Technician The International Professional School of Bodywork
    • 1999 Holistic Health Practitioner The American Institute of Clinical Massage
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    Michael Rudzinski, HHP

    Michael has been practicing the art of massage therapy for 25 years. He completed a 500-hour yoga training that influences his healing and peaceful massage techniques. Michael's specialties include craniosacral therapy and deep tissue. He has worked at Sage Health since 2008 and is a frequently requested therapist. When he is not in the office, you'll see him catching a wave or traveling the world. Book with Michael today!

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    Vanessa Escobar, LMT

    Vanessa has been massaging for 10 years after serving in the Marine Corps. She was introduced and became passionate while serving our country. Her goal is to have her clients feel relief after one session and make sure they are feeling their absolute best! Vanessa specializes in integrative deep tissue, Swedish, stretching, and most importantly relaxation. She looks forward to seeing you!

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  • Clarissa-Castillo-LMT  

    Clarissa Castillo, LMT

    Meet Clarissa Castillo, LMT a seasoned massage therapist with a true passion for healing and well-being. With mastery in a range of bodywork modalities, including cupping, stretching, and addressing head and neck pain, Clarissa offers an unparalleled experience in personalized wellness. Combining intuitive touch with a deep understanding of anatomy, each session is tailored to meet your unique needs. Embark on a journey of relaxation and relief today. Book your appointment and discover the transformative power of massage. 

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    Ana Ralston, LMT

    Meet Ana Ralston, your dedicated massage therapist and HHP based in California. With a deep-rooted passion for alleviating pain and enhancing the quality of life through massage and body awareness, Ana's journey into the world of healing began during her time as a contemporary dance student from 1984 to 1987. It was during these formative years that she recognized the profound connection between the body and the mind.In 1990, Ana embarked on her professional path, initially delving into massage and shiatsu techniques in Brazil. Her commitment to holistic healing led her to further her knowledge of Chinese medicine, including the pursuit of acupuncture studies in Brazil and continued education in China. Though she no longer practices acupuncture, Ana skillfully incorporates acupressure and cupping therapy into her massage practice.Ana's expertise extends to prenatal massage therapy, holding certification by Carole Osborne. She is deeply passionate about supporting expectant mothers during this extraordinary phase of their lives.Ana derives immense joy from witnessing the positive impact of her work, fostering healing, and nurturing an enduring sense of well-being in her clients. Experience the healing touch of Ana Ralston, where body and mind unite for your utmost wellness.

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    Diego Doty, LMT

    My name is Diego I’ve been a LMT for 12yr. I graduated from Kapland College, I specialize in deep tissues/sport/ trigger massage. I’m very detailed in my sessions. The reason I got into the holistic practice, long story short, I got into this for my Grandmother, who wanted to become one but wasn’t able to. Therefore, I became a massage therapist so I may honor her. I look forward to seeing you and providing my skills to help your relaxation experience. 

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Acupuncture Forms

Acupuncture Intake Form

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Informed Consent of Chiropractic and Acupuncture

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Does Sage Health take insurance?

Different providers take different types of insurance. It is important to note that coverage can vary case by case and you will need to contact your insurance company for the most accurate information. No insurance is accepted for massage through our practice, however you can request a superbill to submit to your insurance on your own terms. If you have any questions about what insurance our providers take, please call the front office!

For chiropractic:

Dr. Sage takes: United Healthcare, Optum, Blue Cross, Blue Shield

Dr. Ariel takes: United Healthcare, Optum, Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Health Net, Scripps, SCAN

Dr. Sarah Mackay takes: United Healthcare, Optum, Cigna, Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Kaiser, Scripps

For acupuncture: 

Dr. Sage takes: United Healthcare and Optum

How can I get a superbill?

You can get a super bill by calling the office and they can email it to you at their earliest convenience or while in office the front office staff would be happy to assist you!

What are your hours?

Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm

Saturdays: 9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm is by appointment only

Sunday: By appointment only

What services do you offer?

Sage Health offers chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and skin care services. Additionally, we have blends of modalities such as chirosage, acusage, and C.A.M. treatments. Add-on services include:kinesiology taping, graston, fire cupping, traditional cupping, and medi-cupping. We offer cold laser, NAET, ART, kinesiology taping, acupressure, and bach flowers.

I’m a new patient, what should I do?

First off, welcome! To schedule as a new patient you can book online or by phone for a “new patient exam” for either chiropractic or acupuncture. If you are planning to use insurance, please let us know by calling the front office so we can verify your benefits and best support you through your health and wellness journey!

Does Sage Health have a membership program? How does it work?

Yes! We offer a membership program that gives patients access to discounted rates for our services! There is a one-time sign-up fee of $100 and a monthly auto-debit of $80 that will be credited to your account to use toward our services. If you are interested in becoming a member, we offer 15-minute membership consultations to discuss our program. Those who complete this consultation will receive a 30-minute massage gift certificate as our way of saying thank you! To sign-up for a membership, call us at (760)753-2157.

Does Sage Health sell retail?

Yes! We have a variety of skin care products, vitamins, bach flowers, handmade jewelry by Dr. Sage, KT tape, CBD gummies, CBD cream, and much more! View our shop

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