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Body Deli

Body Deli |Rose Geranium Cream Facial Cleanser- 4oz.

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ROSE GERANIUM CLEANSER (Calming / Normal - Sensitive Skin Types)
This cleanser is formulated to be gentle and soothing for sensitive skin. Rose Geranium is a very harmonizing and balancing essential oil. This is an excellent daily cleanser for sensitive skin that is easily irritated from environmental pollution, stress or hormonal changes. The calming benefits of ROSE GERANIUM, LICORICE EXTRACT, RICE BRAN, and ARNICA are profound. These unique botanicals are known for their balancing effect in helping to hydrate dry patches and also normalize oiliness in the T-Zone area. Superfoods such as VIRGIN COCONUT OIL and TOCOTRIENOLS enhance the function and nutritional value for this facial cleanser. Use this cleanser day and night to normalize the complexion and reduce irritation and redness associated with rosacea.

ROSE GERANIUM CLEANSER is formulated to be gentle and soothing for sensitive skin. Arnica Montana helps to reduce inflammation that can aggravate or make redness worse. Arnica is also very soothing and helps minimize facial redness associated with mild to severe rosacea.

-reduces inflammation
-soothing for irritated skin
-reduces redness from rosacea
-removes make-up

• KEY SUPERFOODS: Licorice Root, Virgin Coconut Oil, Carrot
• KEY CLINICAL ACTIVES: Arnica Montana, Rice Bran Tocotrienols, Decyl Glucoside
• SKIN TYPES: Normal, Sensitive

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Body Deli |Rose Geranium Cream Facial Cleanser- 4oz.


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