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Body Deli |Liquid Vitamin Hydra-Mist- 4 oz.

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LIQUID VITAMIN HYDRA-MIST (Super Hydration / All Skin Types)

Firms and revitalizes your complexion with our revolutionary infused liquid vitamin skin hydrator. HYDRA-MIST is formulated with super-wetting ANTIOXIDANT MICRO-CLUSTERED IONIC WATER, ultra potent ROVISOME VITAMIN C, wrinkle reducing TRIPEPTIDE-5 and enzymatic rejuvenator SEA KELP BIOFERMENT. HYDRA-MIST stimulates collagen synthesis and integrin, and also provides optimum hydration, anti-oxidation and skin firmness. Used regularly, HYDRA-MIST in conjunction with other Body Deli products will help the improvement in overall skin health and appearance. Experience moist, dewy, and glowing skin.


HYDRA-MIST is an infused aqueous solution of vitamins and nutrients that are delivered to the skin through a pharmaceutical-grade atomizer mist sprayer. HYDRA-MIST is the missing link to pull your entire skin care regime together and maximize youth enhancing results. HYDRA-MIST deploys leading edge anti-aging actives such as sea kelp bioferment, liposome encapsulated vitamin c and amino-acid peptides. These highly rejuvenating actives combined with micro-clustered water atomized in our pharmaceutical grade mist sprayer deliver the necessary ingredients that deeply absorb and penetrate the cellular membranes. “Misting the face is the missing link for maintaining optimal levels of hydration and maximizing all other facial care products,” said David Parker, co-owner of The Body Deli. “Regularly spraying the face with a micro-fine mist is the most effective way to reduce the signs of aging and overall impart a dewy, youthful look."

-increases skin hydration
-produces a dewy, healthy glow
-reduces fine lines and wrinkles
-increases absorption of all skincare products
-revitalizes make-up
-also an excellent after-shave toner for men

• KEY SUPERFOODS: Tamarind Extract, Acai Fruit
• KEY CLINICAL ACTIVES: Rovisome Vitamin C, Tripeptide 5, Sea Kelp Bioferment
• SKIN TYPES: Excellent for all Skin Types

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Body Deli |Liquid Vitamin Hydra-Mist- 4 oz.


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