Young Living Essential Oils

Ways we incorporate Young Living Essential Oils at Sage Health

  • Massage therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • With ZYTO Scan readings  – for suggested use both aromatically, topically, and internally

Purchasing Young Living Essential Oils from Sage Health


In our office
We have a selection of the most commonly used oils available for purchase or you can inquire with one of our staff members to purchase your own starter kit.

If there is a specific essential oil or product you’d like to purchase that we don’t carry in our office, we’d be happy to place an order for you or you can purchase online directly via our Sage Health account using this link. Make sure to enter in Dr. Sage’s Member ID #12653196


Is setting up an account with Young Living Essential Oils necessary to purchase products?

No, it is not necessary for to set up an account if you don’t want to. Our staff is happy to order product for you. However, if you are interested in purchasing directly through the website you will need to set up an account. There are some great benefits to this option such as:

  • You can place orders anytime you need them and have it shipped directly to your home
  • If you decide to become a wholesale member by purchasing a starter kit you will receive a 24% off regular retail pricing of all Young Living Products – so if you’re ordering a lot, this is the best option!

Schedule an appointment with us TODAY to find out how essential oils can help you!

All premium starter kits come with a diffuser of your choice (at varying price tiers) the below pictured essential eleven oils and more goodies!

Young Living 11 Essential Oils in premium starter kit