2019 is Here! Don’t Forget to be Grateful for 2018!

It’s that time of year again, much of the holiday celebrations have passed, and we are turning our eyes to the New Year! Lots of people are preparing for the new year with resolutions and plans for the future. Those plans and resolutions are great to do (I’ve got a few of my own!). But before we run off to the next lap around the sun, I think that it’s important and powerful to reflect on and be grateful for the year that has been. This grounds us in the reality of time passing and helps remind of us of the good the past year has delivered.

Here’s what I’m grateful for from 2018:

Opening Ears and Trusting

Our two children, Ginger and Kira, were feeling constrained and confined with their afterschool daycare. This year we allowed them the freedom to walk to my office after school (they walked with friends and/or their iPhones) and provided them rides to home or after school activities. All of us gained freedom and independence from this experience.

Breathe and Enjoy

We took vacations for relaxation and renewal. My favorite was a trip to Boulder, Colorado which was a twofer! I got to hang in a beautiful place with my family and achieve my annual goal of completing an Ironman 70.3.

Aspire to be Great

Persistence works! My ten year journey to complete acupuncture school is quickly coming to a close. My last semester will kick off 2019.

The Gift of Giving

Part of my clinic training at acupuncture school gave me the humbling opportunity to give back to the community through internships at the UCSD cancer center and a downtown senior citizen clinic. I learned a ton, helped improve lives and made some lasting friendships with my colleagues.

Being Vunerable and Seeking Guidance

Our family got help through counseling to improve our communication dynamics. This allowed each of us to feel empowered and empathic when we interact.

Health and Fitness Plus Friendships

 Let’s go (www.letsgorungroup.com) with coach Cindy Gary is another amazing twofer! This woman’s running group helps me stay in shape and has provided me with an amazing group of friends with the shared interest of fitness.



Just Pure Magic and Love

Watching my kids grow into who they are going to become takes my breath away every single day. They amaze and challenge me with their special gifts. I’m one lucky and proud mom!

Art time

I’ve rediscovered my internal artist with my new hobby of jewelery making. Putting together the healing properties of the stones with the joy of artistic creation is a new business which, oh yes…I love!

Finding Greatness in Others

People, of course, make the world the amazing place it is. The team at Sage Health is what truly makes it great, and the patients we get to serve continue to bring us joy and purpose.

I hope 2019 brings you many experiences that bring you joy!

Yours in health,