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Skin Care and Acupuncture Tips for Fall

Fall is officially here so it’s a good time to think about adjusting some of your wellness routines to accommodate the changing weather patterns. There are two areas we’d like to highlight where these changes can be made, with acupuncture and skin care, as believe it or not, they both go hand-in-hand in terms of their complementary benefits to one another.

We’ll start with what you should think about for your skin care then segway into how acupuncture comes into play, and why.

What should we switch up in our skin care regimen for Fall?

As the summer season fades it can often leave your skin feeling dull/dry, clogged and hyperpigmented. We’re feeling this shift here in Southern California with the recent Santa Ana winds that bring extremely hot and dry desert weather patterns. For this time of year our resident skincare specialist, Julie Colozza, recommends several things to help keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Lower the SPF on your Daytime Moisturizer

The dryer weather still calls for a healthy level of moisturization but as our part of the world draws further away from the sun (during this time of year), and our sun exposure becomes more limited, it’s not necessary to maintain the same level of a barrier against the sun’s UV rays. Depending on what SPF strength you readily use in the summer months, think of backing down a few notches to a protection level of 15 to 30.

The Solar Day Cream from The Body Deli would be a great choice to protect your skin during the fall and winter months. “This unique moisturizer is formulated with 15% NON-NANO MICRONIZED ZINC a natural mineral sunscreen. Full spectrum antioxidants such as VITAMIN C, COQ10, TOCOTRIENOLS and PUMPKIN SEED OIL work to protect against free radical damage.” – The Body Deli

Body Deli Solar Day Cream

Level Up on Your Nighttime Moisture

Even though we’re still experiencing warmer temperatures here in SoCal at the onset of fall, the nights are cooling down and as mentioned above, the humidity levels are dropping — making the air quality much dryer, which can wreak havoc on your skin. Julie recommends switching up your night moisturizer from a light summer moisturizer, to a medium/thick lotion or cream such as the Nourish Night Cream from The Body Deli. This will provide your skin with a healthy moisture barrier and means of support needed to combat the changing seasons.

The Body Deli Nourish Night Cream

Think About Switching Up Your Cleanser

In the summer months, your skin may require a cleanser that really helps to remove excess dirt and debris as a result of the high heat and humidity. But in fall and winter, your skin could require a gentler cleanse to prevent it from becoming too dry. Julie says, “if your cleanser becomes too drying, switch to a cream based or foam cleanser such as the ‘Almond Milk Cleanser’ from The Body Deli.”

Almond Milk Cleanser by the Body Deli

For Those Stubborn Dark Spots

Here in Encinitas, and San Diego for that matter, we love to play in the sun…especially in the summer! But the reality is that whether you’re a sun worshipper or not, our skin is prone to the exhibiting dark spots — the closer we are to the sun the more likely we are showcasing them as our skin matures. Increased sun protection and lessening your exposure is key. If you are susceptible to dark spots and have noticed an accumulation of them, Julie recommends a pigment lightening treatment. She also recommends scheduling deeper chemical peels and exfoliations. Taking advantage of these and other regular facial treatments can help to inspire and motivate you to care for your skin on a deeper level.

So How Does Acupuncture Fit in with our Skin Care Regime?

Pairing acupuncture with holistic organic facials can nourish your body and help counter the dryness of fall. Acupuncture can help keep your skin youthful and luscious and improve your health. Here’s how:

The principle of the five phases of nature is integral to traditional Chinese Medicine theory. The five element phases are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Each element has an associated season, emotion, color, and organ which is intertwined with health. Autumn is represented by metal and associated with both the lung and large intestine organs. There are twelve meridians which are pathways of energy that flow through our bodies with a life force called qi. When these meridians are balanced it is difficult to succumb to illness. The qi of the lung and large intestine meridians is most active in the fall season. The lung meridian circulates qi to the lung as well as the skin. The disharmony of the metal element in our body is dryness.

If you are feeling the effects of dry skin or noticing more dry coughing or lung symptoms try a consult with one of our practitioners.

Looking to boost your skincare routine? Book an appointment with Julie for a facial and let her help you find the right products for your skin to look and feel its best!