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Tips for Finding a Healthy Work-Life Balance

I recently experienced a joyful moment in my life where I was able to be fully present with my family while on vacation. This moment inspired the topic of this post and I would like to share some ways in which I’m able to find a healthy work-life balance as a mother of two young girls, a wife, the owner of a busy health and wellness practice, and a student!

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Release the Need to Be PERFECT

I happily admit that I am NOT a perfectionist! With everything going on in my world, sometimes things simply aren’t going to get done or aren’t going to be perfect — and at the end of the day, that is a-ok in my book. The world isn’t going to end if I can’t do the laundry right away, the dishes need to get done or I’m running a little behind on something. I maintain a calm and relaxed mind in times like this when I have to just say, “oh well!” As such I am able to keep my stress levels under control and focus things that truly matter…and enjoy them!

Stay Active

If you know me, you that I’m an avid runner. This is another part of the balancing act that is vital to my overall health and well-being. Maintaining some form of consistent physical activity creates synergy between mind and body. It’s so much more than just staying in shape, which is an added bonus but that’s just one benefit of many. There are countless videos circulating the internet showcasing physically active women and men in their 80’s and 90’s. Their motto is often the same, “Don’t stop moving!” Finding the time for physical activity can be challenging if you’re juggling a lot in your work and personal life, I know. But aim to find something that motivates you and start with a small commitment. Maybe it’s once a week or twice a month, then work up from there. And whether it’s yoga, surfing, cross-fit, stand-up paddleboarding, or simply going for a walk with a friend, remember, it’s all about progress and NOT perfection.

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Never Stop Learning and Growing

I LOVE to learn! Continued education is important to me and I am currently chipping away at a degree in acupuncture. Staying current, learning new things, and gaining new perspectives helps me to stay relevant in my industry. It also helps me to stay humble and grounded. Staying open to a constant state of learning is a workout for our minds to help keep us healthy and balanced. Find ways to continue learning that makes sense for you. If you’re too busy to attend courses, maybe read an insightful book or listen to an audio version. Another great learning tool is podcasts. Find one that resonates with a need in your life, and listen while commuting or even folding laundry.

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Deal with Pressing Issues Right Away

We tend to put pressing issues off but this isn’t something I like to do…or recommend. I refer to this as dealing with the “yucky stuff.” Often times a pressing issue is something that really needs to be dealt with immediately and can present a learning opportunity. While it’s ok to take a step back and assess the situation before reacting emotionally or hastily, don’t put it off for too long. Rip the band-aid off and address it so you can move on.

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Delegate Delegate Delegate

I can’t stress this one enough! I’m honestly “ok” if we’re a little overstaffed in my practice to make sure that my own needs and the needs of my clients and the overall practice are met. The benefits outweigh the cost and in the end, everyone is less stressed and able to maintain a sense of controlled balance. This also applies to my home life. For example, I’m ok with budgeting to have someone come in and professionally clean my home. Time with my family is extremely valuable and delegating this task out allows me to focus on making that happen on a regular basis.

Treat Yourself!

And last but not least, finding a healthful balance is all about allowing yourself to enjoy the little things in life. I am a huge proponent of treating yourself! While I love my life and am extremely grateful for all that I have, I work extremely hard so I don’t sweat it when the moment strikes to indulge a little in something I might not otherwise allow myself to on a regular basis — like eating dessert, buying the shoes, enjoying another glass of wine or taking that much-needed vacation! It’s always good to keep these things in check to avoid overindulging…but it’s ok to allow yourself a little frivolity once in a while.

Juggling life and finding a healthy balance is a struggle we’re all too familiar with these days. We live in a digital age, which adds a constant stream of communication and stimulation only feeding our desire to take care of everything on our to-do list, yesterday, while a countless array of newly important (and not so important) things continuously get added to the list. On the one hand, this new digital age life offers a sense of security when it comes to staying in close touch with friends and loved ones…for a variety of reasons. It’s important to be grateful for the positives that it offers. But with these constant information highways, comes the need for balancing life, which is entirely possible if we just pause, breathe, and prioritize.

How do you maintain a healthy balance in your life? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments of this blog on our Facebook page.

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