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Massage is often touted as a luxury or a means of pampering one’s self in a spa setting. While massage can definitely feel like a treat, it’s actually extremely therapeutic and, in our humble opinion, necessary to maintaining one’s overall health and wellness. Our bodies could easily be likened to the cars we drive. Sure we feed them fuel and wash them regularly, but the reality is they’re most likely to run optimally if we take them in for routine maintenance. Chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage are ways in which we “tune up” our bodies and maintain them so we can feel and perform at our best. The more regularly we schedule these treatments into our world, the better our bodies will feel and function.

That leads us right into an introduction to our awesome massage therapy team at Sage Health. All of our therapists are selectively screened for their abilities, style, and professionalism to ensure they can offer the best experience possible for our clients. They all have a slightly different style and we’d like to introduce you to them here…

Sara Valdez of Sage Health

Sara Valdez as many of our patients now know is a common friendly face in the Sage Health office. In addition to offering massage therapy, she also helps Dr. Sage with a lot of additional services within the office where our patients are concerned. Sara has a very relaxed approach to her massage style and is happy to adjust to the needs of a client. She communicates well with her clients and remains mindful of massage pressure. It’s important to her that her clients feel they can communicate with her in order to give them the best experience possible. 


Rebecca Deroest has a massage style is that versatile and extremely intuitive. She can range from deep tissue with long healing strokes, to a gentler touch if need be. She reads the body through her touch quite well and adjusts accordingly. When asked which areas she likes to focus on for overall health and wellness, she mentioned that neck and shoulders as well as low back and glutes, which are commonly an area of concern that she likes to give a little extra attention to. We can certainly attest to her abilities to release these areas of the body while still offering a relaxing and healing experience.


Patrick Fischer has been a therapist with Sage Health for a long while, and for good reason. He’s built up an extremely loyal following of clients who swear by his healing abilities. We can tell you first hand that he’s a master of deep tissue massage. As he cares deeply about educating his clients on the reason behind focusing on a particularly tight area of the body, he’s happy to explain exactly what’s going on in your body and offer a truly effective massage to help release any extreme tension.

Lorien Lehmer practices a blend of eastern and western massage techniques
including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Ayurvedic, Polarity, Reiki,
Raindrop Therapy, Reflexology, Lymph Drainage, Energy Medicine,
Craniosacral Therapy and Pregnancy to customize your session for maximum
stress as well as injury relief and deep relaxation of the nervous system.
Working with the body for over 17 years her work is intuitive and
supports an integration of body, mind, and emotion.

We adore our massage team here at Sage Health and encourage our clients to experience them all to feel the difference in what they offer. They are truly fantastic healers and masters of their craft!

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