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The ZYTO Scan: Overview and Benefits for Health and Wellness

At Sage Health we offer a full spectrum of integrative health offerings from chiropractic to acupuncture, massage, organic facials, nutritional counseling and much more. One thing we’ve added to our list of services in the ZYTO Scan.

ZYTO Scanning has been gaining momentum in the holistic health realm and it’s easy to see why. The amount of information you and your practitioner can gain from a single reading is profound.

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So what is the ZYTO Scan and how does it work?

The ZYTO Scan is conducted utilizing a technology that measures skin fluctuations in the skin, which is referred to as the galvanic skin response, or GSR. Lie detector testing is a form of GSR. When the scan is conducted the ZYTO technology utilizes information that is relayed via an array of biocommunication principles and concepts that offer some deeply insightful information in regards to one’s health and wellness. Many practitioners will use it to gain a variety of information including detecting food sensitivities, determining environmental and mental stressors, and even offering beneficial aromatherapy treatments.

Will the ZYTO Scan procedure hurt? How long will it take?

Not at all. The process is simple, painless and can be performed in as little as 3 minutes. The duration of the scan varies, it all depends on the information your practitioner is looking to receive.

Your hand will be placed on the ZYTO hand cradle while the scan is performed. In a subtle manner, small energetic pulses will be introduced to your body while the scan is being conducted. The body responds naturally during the process and the ZYTO software records how your body responds. Some people report feeling a slight tingling or zing from the energetic communication but the sensation is never uncomfortable. Most people don’t feel a thing.

What happens after the ZYTO Scan is performed?

Your practitioner will review your results with you and offer a course of treatment to help you on your path to overall health and wellness.

Book your ZYTO Scan appointment with Dr. Kirsten Sage today using our online booking system or by giving us a call.

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