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doTerra essential oils and the Zyto scan compass at Sage Health

Find Your doTerra Essential Oil Match!

The team at Sage Health is super excited to now offer doTerra Essential Oils!

We’re offering them in a variety of ways at our health center including…

  • With their AromaTouch technique as a special add-on service to any massage
  • Purchase the oils or even a kit thru us. Just ask our staff how!
  • With a ZYTO scan reading to find out which doTerra essential oils are right specifically for you

Let’s focus on the third bullet point for this post.

The ZYTO Scan Compass offers the ability for us to conduct a Bio-Survey of your body, which addresses 76 biomarkers in the human body. To learn more about how the ZYTO scanner process works please read our recent blog, “The ZYTO Scan: Overview and Benefits for Health and Wellness“, which goes into greater depth about this cutting edge technology.

With the ZYTO scan compass, we utilize its technology to scan your body for any areas that might be in need of assistance with the supplementation of a specific essential oil – either aromatically or topically. For example, it can detect if your immune system is in need of a boost so it might match you with a well-known doTerra oil blend called, On Guard, which contains a unique blend of therapeutic grade oils known to help with immunity. Or perhaps mentally you’re enduring a stressful time in your life — the Zyto scanner will likely detect this, in which case it might suggest an oil such as peppermint, lavender or lemon to help enhance your spirit and calm your mind. The scan is subjective to whatever your overall needs are at the time so it’s a good idea to have a scan done every so often as a routine check-in. The possibilities are endless!

Several of our staff members, including our amazing esthetician, Naomi Grace, are now conducting ZYTO scans to help match our clients with the right essential oils for enhanced wellness.

Interested? Book your appointment today and find your essential oil match!

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